Sunday, June 28, 2009

Easy Grocery Coupon Clipping

Love the savings of grocery coupons, but hate the hassle of clipping, sorting and filing cents-off offers? Why not try the easy grocery coupon clipping?

If you are like most of us, time is tight and so is money. The solution is to utilize the new food discount coupon technology to tap into big savings with just a few minutes time. There are literally hundreds of grocery coupon sites online offering free printable grocery coupons. Printables offer high face values with little effort for clipping or storing. Why? You select, print and clip only what you will use while shopping.

Another quick money saver is electronic grocery coupons. These are really fast and easy. You go select the offers you want and load the savings to your store club card. You will get your discounts at the register without any further efforts. There is nothing to cut out, store or fumble with in the store. Even better, you can not forget to bring your coupons with you while shopping. If you forget your club card, just use your phone number to access your savings.

When utilizing the new coupon technologies I generally print only they coupons I will use to save time, printer ink and paper. With electronic coupons, I select all offers and let the computer do the work at the checkout.

If you are short on both time and money try easy grocery coupon clipping for savings. you can still save money and something even more valuable, time.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

6 Places to Get Free Grocery Discount Coupons

Once you have clipped your grocery coupons in the Sunday paper for the week you may be wondering where else you can get free grocery discount coupons. Here are 6 great places to look for additional savings:

1. is by far the biggest and the best online site for grocery discount coupons. All of their coupons are free. Just select what you want and print them out for high face value offer galore! See the banner on this page for more details.

2. Smartsource are the folks that make the fliers you are used to seeing in the Sunday papers. They offer a good resource for getting multiple like coupons to print from your computer.

3. is a free service from AOL offering free electronic grocery coupons. For more information on saving with electronic grocery coupons read this article.

4. For natural and organic foods coupons, try for hundreds of money saving offers.

5. offers monthly electronic coupons right on their website for case packs of all your favorites. These are exceptional values and always worth a look. New coupons come out the first of each month. Hint: some items run out of stock the end of the month, shop towards the beginning of the month for best results.

6. Manufacturer websites almost always offer the latest samples and coupons for joining their email lists. Just have a look at the back of your favorite product to see who makes it and go directly to their websites.

It really is possible to find coupons for every item in your grocery cart, with huge savings for not a lot of time. You just need to know where to look to get free grocery discount coupons en masse.


Smart Source

Short Cuts

Mambo Sprouts


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Baby Diaper Coupons- Do You Buy Diapers Without Them?

As I scan down the coupons offered in this week's paper, I am not surprised to find numerous baby diaper coupon offers. Why? Every week there is at least one high face value coupon in the paper, and very oftern there are several.

Baby diapers are expensive items with high profit margins for retailers folks and they are big business. If you can get a new mom to become loyal to your brand, you have gained a customer with a need that must be filled every week without fail for 2 or 3 years. Cha-ching!

Just look at all the national brands vying for your business and willing to get your business by offering you diaper coupons for several bucks off:

Pampers, Luvs, Huggies, Drypers, Good Nights and Seventh Generation all offer regular coupons to help you save money on thier products.

My question to you is why would you every buy diapers without saving a couple of bucks a pop? Combine a high face-value coupon with a store sale and you have saved an average of 40-50% off the cost of diapering your little one's bum.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Think Traditional Grocery Coupons are the Only Way to Save? Here are 6 Ways to Save Money on Groceries Now!

Don’t overspend on your groceries week in and week out, fight back! If you think traditional clipped grocery coupons are the only way to save on food, think again. Here are 6 easy ways to save money on groceries right now:

1. Only shop the sales. Do only this much and get 30-50% savings with very little time or effort to you in the process.

2. Use printable grocery coupons. Printable grocery coupons beat traditional grocery coupons in two ways. You have less to sort and store, so printable coupons are a huge time saver. The face values also tend to be higher, saving you extra money too.

3. Use electronic coupons grocery coupons. Talk about fast and easy, electronic grocery coupons are the way to go. The face values are high, and you absolutely can not mess these up.

4. Shop at fruit stands and farmer’s markets to save on produce. Seriously, the cost of produce has nearly doubled in the last year. If you want to get great quality and lower prices, go local.

5. Watch the warehouse stores for savings. You need to be careful when shopping in warehouse stores and watch your unit prices. Some items are of exceptional values although many are not. I did a price check not long ago and found that my local warehouse store was not nearly as low priced as they were a year ago. Don’t get me wrong, the warehouse stores do a good job of being fairly priced everywhere. Often, though, you can get a lower price somewhere else. It pays to watch your prices.

6. Check the dollar stores for grocery deals. No kidding, a buck still buys dairy, frozen food, cheese, lunchmeat, bagels, bread, tortillas, fresh procuce, and much more at my local store. Take a look around and see what is offered in your local area, you may be surprised.

If your piggy bank needs some extra cash, don’t forget looking to your food budget to help keep some cash in your pocket. Just a few changes will have you saving again in no time, grocery coupons in hand or not.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Grocery Coupons and Philanthropy

What do grocery coupons and philanthropy have to do with each other? I use piles of them to get either free or almost free food to donate to the food bank. All you need to do a good deed that will impact the lives of an entire family at once is a stack of coupons and your time.

Most people would not consider that philanthropy and grocery coupons would have a nice synergy, although they do. While I was in college we were supposed to spend several hours a week doing community service as part of our graduation requirement. Our service could be anything we wanted to do as long as we were able to document the hours and report our progress at the end of the semester. Heading a project with other volunteers was also desirable in showing your management abilities for a better grade.

I lived in a poor state at the time, where child hunger was a particular issue. Most grocery stores in my area offered double grocery coupons, so long story short, a community service project was born. I enlisted the help of several other students and we started out.

2436 coupons, $56, 110 hours of community service, and 1256 pounds of food later I knew my project was a success. My true education: you don’t need money to eat; grocery coupons can do that for you. You don’t need money to do a good deed grocery coupons can do that for you too. As for the concept of incorporating community service into my formal education, the project was a success. I am still working on my project more than fifteen years later.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Grocery Coupons and the Frugal Grocery List

I just looked at the calendar and realized that Use Supermarket Coupons is going on a year old now. Wow, time certainly flies and I have had a busy year. Taking a few minutes for reflection, I took a look at my stats and was surprised to see that my top visited pages were not the ones I would have expected.

Coming in third was the post I did on brining chicken. Anyone who is trying to make basic (and cheap) whole chicken into something speical should try brining. Brining is versatile and can be done with anything from just a simple salt solution to any one of hundreds of combinations of herbs added to the brine. The result of a simple and inexpensive process; your meats come out perfectly tender and juicy every time. Get the lowdown on a brining and make your next bargain meat something to rave about.

In the second spot was another oddball article, how to ripen bananas quickly. Apparently there are a lot of green bananas floating around out there that we are impatient to eat. I know it seems we are forever getting really green bananas at the grocery store.

Now we come to my most popular post ever…the frugal grocery list. This post gets more traffic than any other I have ever written and I can understand why. If you have not yet read the original give it quick once over and then ponder this question:

Can you still use grocery coupons to maximize savings with the frugal grocery list?

The answer is really both yes and no. If you take a look at the list you will see that there are quite a few items on it that you either will generally not find coupons for or that should be purchased from the bulk bins to maximize savings. That said you can use coupons on some of the other items and should when you find them. Next week I’ll be adding to the frugal grocery shopping list.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Do Cents-Off Coupons Make Sense?

I had a family member laugh me straight in the face yesterday for my complete obsession with frugal living. She blatantly pointed out that it simply is not worth her time to go through the Sunday inserts looking for “those little cents-off thingys.”

Oh really? Does it not matter to you that I am able to average 70% or more off my grocery bills by taking the time to either clip or print food discount coupons? I dragged out all my grocery receipts for the last few months just to prove a point. I tallied up the savings from my last few months and in the end my efforts had amounted to several just under a grand in savings my family. Still think cents-off coupons amount to just cents?

Think again! Cents-off grocery coupons mean hundred dollar bills in your pocket!