Thursday, January 1, 2009

Go Cherry-Picking for Grocery Savings

Looking to save a pile of cash without the work of using supermarket coupons? Go cherry-picking for savings.

Shoppers looking for huge savings on the biggest portion of their grocery bills can cherry-pick products at supermarkets as well as at discount stores like Wal-Mart, Target, Dollar stores and Costco for the items they use the most regularly.

Cherry-picking savings refers to a shopping strategy that knows, in minute detail, the prices of the products you use the most regularly. By shopping at the store closest to you that has the lowest everyday price of the product, you never need to wait for a sale, or clip a coupon.

Of course, feel free to do so when there are great deals to be found and combine strategies to get additional savings.

Here’s how it works to go cherry-picking. I usually start with the dollar store first, since it’s hard to beat a buck. I buy bagels, produce and whatever else is a great price there. Quite often they carry Learn Cuisine and some other high end products. I shop here for perishables once a week, sometimes more depending on the selection.

Next, I make the occasional Costco run, generally once every 4-6 weeks. I like the quality of the meat there, milk and eggs are always a good deal, and nonfood items have prices that are hard to beat.

Another favorite stop is the Orowheat discount bakery. I stock up on bread, rolls and English muffins for cheap and freeze the bulk of what I buy. Again, I make a trip once a month or so.

Wal-mart is good for non-food items, health and beauty items and some foods. We don’t have full Wal-mart grocery in my area, although I’m told that many parts of the country do.

You get the idea, going to every store in every week would be a hassle. I get fantastic savings and stop only at a store or two a week. Better planning, shorter shopping trips, and very selective purchases make the cherry-picking strategy a real winner.